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Dock Diving

Get ready for a thrilling experience at our festival's Dock Diving event! It's a first for the region, and we're excited to offer this exciting activity for dogs of any size above 6-months old. Watch as these furry friends chase toys and jump into the water, competing to see who can jump the furthest. And it's not just a fun activity - it's also a great way to keep your pet cool in the summer months. Join us at the festival for an unforgettable experience!

Open all day, 'Have-a-go' AED30.
Dock Diving Competition 6pm, AED50 (2 jumps per dog). Spaces limited - enter at registration desk.
Furthest 3 jumps win prizes and rosettes.

Please bring swimwear and towels if you'd like to dip with your dog. Changing pods situated behind dock.

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